DBV-Technologies – home of the Viaskin patch for allergy treatment

If you click onto you’ll find lots of interest to those who are affected by allergies in one way or another. Based in the Paris area, this company is one of many working on new ways of treating and diagnosing allergies. Specializing in food allergies, DBV-Technologies is especially interested in developing approaches to the treatment of cows’ milk protein allergy. This allergy is extremely widespread, particularly amongst babies and young children. In fact, anything up to 3% of young children are impacted by CMPA. Its symptoms include rashes, vomiting and diarrhoea, which are obviously very distressing to children and to their parents too. In the past, the issue in treating babies and young children has been either the difficulty of administering treatment or the painfulness of the treatment procedure (injections).

DBV-Technologies’ alternative to injections or oral treatments is the Viaskin Milk patch, more about which at The electrospray (see below) is a key component in the patch’s manufacturing process. The protein compound that it sprays over the patch can be tailored to different allergies, including peanut, egg and house dust mite.


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